Case Study

BBC Radio Wales: The Dog Detectives

We created a half hour documentary for BBC Radio Wales on the rise in dog thefts over the pandemic. With Wales and the world in lockdown and isolation over the past year, many felt it was the perfect time to buy or adopt a dog. For pandemic pups this came with another, more menacing cost.

Content from the Campaign

With people spending more time at home, and the impact of loneliness rising, sales of puppies rocketed throughout Covid-19 and so did the prices, particularly for a pedigree pooch. As the demand for dogs soared, so did dog thefts. From opportune snatchings of family dogs to complex organised criminals seeking out and smuggling the most prized pets, canine crime is on the rise.
  • Dog lover and former Love Islander Connagh Howard hosted the show and spoke to the Welsh ‘dog detectives’, a network of volunteers, charities and dog specialists who help reunite missing pets with their owners.
  • The programme’s contributors included Jill Trick, founder of Missing Dogs Team Wales, Dr. Frank McAndrew, a Psychology professor from Knox University, Illinois, Liam Zamudio who fought off three men who attempted to steal his dog in Cardiff, and Debbie Matthews who utilised her father Bruce Forsyth’s celebrity status to raise awareness of dog theft leading to the creation of the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance.
  • We designed striking artwork inspired by Saul Bass.