Case Study

Itec: Jobs Growth Wales+

In March 2022, Wales based skills and training provider Itec announced that they were one of 13 organizations contracted to deliver the Welsh Government’s £200m Jobs Growth Wales+ (JGW+) as a part of the Young Persons Guarantee. JGW+ gives 16-19 year olds living in Wales the skills, qualifications and experience they need to begin their career, with individual support and guidance to get young people into higher learning, apprenticeships, or employment in an effort to reduce the number of those not in education, employment or training. Following a successful campaign to launch the programme in 2022, there was a need to bring awareness to the services and opportunities offered by JGW+ to help vulnerable youths who may be at odds with their future and extend the outreach of the programme to benefit not only existing learners but those interested in enrolling with Itec.


  • Encourage young people aged 16-19 in Wales to take control of their future and reach their goals at their own pace by considering Itec as an option for personal and professional advancement.
  • To offer advice and suggest healthy activities and techniques to help enrolled learners take charge of their wellbeing and mental health.
  • Present Itec as a valuable option for career progression and personal development for young people leaving high school who may be limited in opportunity due to their received results
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Content from the Campaign

Using key calendar hooks, we created two campaign bursts for Itec: One in January which focused on mental health, tying into the January blues; and one ahead of GCSE results day which targeted school leavers.
  • Created a film featuring JGW+ learners in their respective places of work and one of Itec’s centres. The film was featured in paid and organic socials, on Itec’s website, and was shown during outreach events.
  • Launched paid social media campaigns that ran across Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok with bespoke films and graphics, targeting 16-19 year olds in Wales and their parents/guardians informing them about the career routes and services offered under the programme.
  • A written blog focusing on ways that learners can take control of their mental health during the festive period with enriching activities or healthy coping mechanisms with accompanying organic social assets.
  • Influencer partnerships with two industry professionals to share their experiences of their career journeys, relating to career pathways offered by JGW+ and Itec, to reassure learners that any barriers that they may face do not have to hold them back from achieving their goals.
  • Designed and drafted two sets of flyers for Newport and Cardiff notifying potential learners about the Jobs Growth Wales+ programme and sharing contact information for the centre closest to them with QR codes to monitor engagement.
  • Took out a paid content package with Wales Online to drive traffic to Itec’s website, focusing on the wellbeing support offered to learners as part of JGW+ using stats from Red Dot 365.
  • Ran a survey with Censuswide targeting parents of teenagers in Wales to uncover potential links between anxieties they have about their childrens’ mental health and their future employment opportunities.
  • Took out advertorial packages with Wales Online to drive traffic to Itec’s website, focusing on the guidance and support offered to school leavers who may not have achieved their desired results, targeting their parents and carers.
  • Implemented a ‘Social Media Takeover’ on its most popular platforms, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, on Results Day by sharing bespoke content across Itec’s social channels including original gifs and graphics, and sharing and reposting relevant posts from well-known celebrities and other relevant stakeholders.