Case Study

Public Health Wales: HPV Vaccine

Public Health Wales were looking for help to deliver a targeted communications campaign to increase awareness, education and uptake of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

We built a fully bilingual brand with a memorable strapline to engage defined audiences. This was integrated into all comms, including a stakeholder toolkit, films, social media & digital ad graphics and influencer partnerships.


  • Increase awareness, education and uptake of the HPV vaccine in specific eligible audiences across Wales.
  • Make the audiences care enough to take a vaccine they may know little about in a time of increased vaccine skepticism.
  • Increase knowledge amongst audiences by promoting the benefits of the HPV vaccine and how it protects against cervical cancer (as well as other cancers) by March 2024.
  • Ultimately help increase uptake of the HPV vaccine in children to 90% by the age of 15.
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Content from the Campaign

All campaign activity focused on the overarching ambition to increase awareness, education and ultimately increase uptake of the vaccine. This included:
  • Developed a fully bilingual brand, including design, messaging and strapline, that would resonate with two very different audiences, based on insights from behavioural science and our own focus groups.
  • Created 3x different versions of a fact-file Q&A film to communicate a base-level knowledge of HPV and the vaccine to niche audience segments.
  • Created ‘Advice to My Younger Self’ film, which used actors to highlight the benefits of the vaccine from an ‘older version of you’. This includes a shorter edit which was used for TikTok ads.
  • Created ‘Conversation with a Clinician’ bilingual influencer film to target the GBMSM audience, where influencer Mikey Denman took part in a Zoom conversation with a PHW nurse.
  • Created a suite of social media assets that addressed the most important ‘need-to-knows’ of the vaccine. 12x static graphics, and 4x carousel posts across two audiences and languages.
  • Created stakeholder toolkits to leverage the reach of partner organisations. One for schools, and one for charity partners and stakeholders.
  • Ran digital ads on TikTok, to reach a teen audience, and YouTube, to reach parents.
  • Worked with 3 different influencers, Cardiff-based parenting influencer, Cathryn Scott and comedian, Leroy Brito to reach parents; and content creator, presenter and A&E nurse, Mikey Denman, to reach the GBMSM audience.