The Week That Was #316

1. National coverage for an epic walking tour through the garden of Ireland

The UK’s biggest-selling magazine for country walkers featured our Celtic Routes press trip coverage to Ireland this week. The Wicklow Way, dubbed the Garden of Ireland, which spans 127km, was walked almost in entirety by Country Walker writer Rachel Broomhead. Across a six-page double spread, the piece details great expanse of coastlines, woodlands and mountains. Read our coverage in May’s edition of the magazine and be inspired to get your boots on!

2. A stress-free exam season

Studying for exams and assessments can be a full-on time for students and parents and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. To ease that stress, we pulled together 12 academic and wellbeing-based revision tips on behalf of our client, Gower College Swansea. The article, published in the South Wales Evening Post and on Wales Online, also included advice from alumni sharing their recommendations on how to conquer studying and ace exams. If you’re a student currently preparing for your exams or a parent of a revising teen, be sure to check it out.

3. Race to create Covid-19 vaccine has changed within months

The global race to create a Covid-19 vaccine moved from producing the first viral genetic sequence to global rollout in a matter of months. Previously, the fastest any vaccine had been developed was around four years.

Now we’ve witnessed how life-saving inoculations can be researched, developed, and deployed in record time without cutting corners, can we afford to revert to the old way of doing things?

Our work with online learning provider Learna saw us produce an eye-opening article on this topic for European Pharmaceutical Review, the leading publication for pharmaceutical scientists. In it, Dr Owen Seddon, who leads Learna’s Infectious Diseases MsC programme, sets out what lessons the international scientific community can now use in the fight against other vaccine-preventable diseases.

4. Promoting the benefits of working in Wales’s hospitality and tourism sector

Hands up if you’re sampling a Welsh pub, hotel or restaurant this Bank Holiday weekend? When you’re there, take a second to think about the brilliant people working in Wales’s hospitality and tourism sector. Our campaign to promote working in the sector has seen us travel across the country to hear from those inside it why they think it’s a great place to kickstart a career. A supercut of our series of case study films, featuring workers and venues from across Wales, was this week shown at a UK Hospitality event with TV chef Matt Tebbutt in Llandudno, as well as an Institute of Hospitality event at the Senedd. Cheers!

5. No Regrets about our latest BBC Sounds episode

Looking for a new podcast? Well, the penultimate episode of our podcast for BBC Sounds aired this week.  Margins to Mainstream with Michael Sheen spotlights 11 writers from underrepresented backgrounds, this week focusing on the British-Moroccan writer Elias Suhail. Elias hopes to use his experiences to tell stories that offer a deeper understanding of the multiplicity of Arab identity. In the episode, the actor Raghad Chaar performs No Regrets, a personal piece for Elias about the moment his mother left her young children in Morocco. His mentor, Daily Mirror’s Ros Wynne-Jones is also interviewed, with Michael Sheen pulling the whole thing together. Available now on BBC Sounds.