The Week That Was #347

1. Promoting the Ports of the Irish Sea to international audiences

Stories from the ports of Ireland and Wales reached audiences as far as the Netherlands this week as our influencer partnership got underway for Ports, Past and Present, a project between five Irish and Welsh ports to encourage travellers to explore the rich cultural heritage and coastal communities surrounding each location. Last month, we organised a trip for Dutch travel bloggers, We Are Travellers, who journeyed across the Irish Sea in an adventure which saw them visit Dublin, Rosslare, Pembroke Dock, Fishguard and Holyhead. You can read all about their trip here.

2. Announcing the new Chief Executive of Moondance Cancer Initiative

We’ve been sharing the story of Moondance Cancer Initiative’s appointment of Sara Moseley as its new Chief Executive.  Moondance Cancer Initiative is dedicated to helping find, fund and fuel brilliant people and brave ideas to improve cancer outcomes in Wales. Personally driven by the opportunity to make Wales a leader in cancer survival and eliminate inequalities in its cancer outcomes, Sara’s previous roles include head of GMC Wales at the General Medical Council and director of Mind Cymru. Sara will take up the role in January. We shared the news of the announcement far and wide, achieving coverage in the Western Mail, Business Live, Business News Wales and Wales 247 to name a few.

3. Encouraging football fans to learn Cymraeg

We may be home, but the pride of a nation sang loudly with Wales playing in the World Cup for the first time in 64 years. We used the platform to encourage football fans to learn Cymraeg by signing up to a course through Dysgu Cymraeg. We’ve created a range of online learning materials with a football focus that are designed to give fans a head start before their course, like an Yma o Hyd songsheet.

To help inspire fans, we created a case study with Wrexham-based poet Evrah Rose, whose passion for football has given her more opportunities to use the language and has strengthened her connection to her identity and heritage. Watch our video to learn more about her story, or you can read it here.

4. Serving up a hospitality and tourism showcase

We’ve been dishing up some tasty social content this week for our Experience Makers campaign which is encouraging more people across Wales to take up a career in hospitality and tourism.

Working Wales hosted a takeover on their channels, featuring real-life Experience Makers from the likes of Bluestone, Bab Haus, Celtic Manor, Heaneys and the Dead Canary, sharing the reasons they love the industry, what they’ve learned and how it’s helped them grow and develop in their careers.

5. Celebrating the creative talent in Newport with Ffilm Cymru

Sticking with careers- this time opening up ones in the film and TV industry to individuals from all backgrounds. That’s what Ffilm Cymru’s Foot In The Door (FITD) project does. Since the spring, we’ve been working with them on a project for the people of Newport.  This week, we were at the ICC Newport, showcasing a film to commemorate the work that’s been done within the Newport community. The film celebrates the film sector opportunities Ffilm Cymru and partners have brought to Newport by building trust, creating authentic relationships, and giving the community control of the narrative they want to share with the world. 

In collaboration with partners such as Pobl, Urban Circle, Newport Council and BECTU, to name a few, the FITD Newport model has seen over 800+ community members involved and engaged in film and TV skills development, alongside a range of employment positions secured for trainees across five Wales-based film and TV productions with creators like Netflix. We can’t wait to see the lasting legacy this leaves in the Newport community.