The Week That Was #379

1. Focusing attention on working in Wales’ events industry

“You get to work doing your hobby. It doesn’t feel like a job”. So says Natalie Jones, artist liaison manager for Focus Wales. This week, we’ve been showcasing the stories of Natalie and her colleagues from Wrexham’s vital live music festival. Festival director Neal Thompson told us producing a festival “requires a small army of people” and “the only way the events industry can grow is to encourage more people in Wales to consider a career in the events industry”. That’s what we’re aiming to do through our campaign ‘The Experience Makers’.  Previously focusing on some of Wales’ hospitality heroes, with festival season now firmly underway we’re inspiring more people to work in Welsh events. Check out the story on the Working Wales website here.

2. Basking in Aberystwyth’s wheely great communi-tea with Big Ideas Wales

This week’s Big Ideas Wales entrepreneur, Sally Pierse, likes her tea like she likes her community: green and strong. That’s why she founded on-the-move chai business, The Chai Bike / Y Beic Chai.

Circling Aberystwyth’s scenic hotspots – from the prom to the bandstand and the historic castle – Sally encourages locals, visitors and students alike to stop and simmer in the breathtaking views by serving up piping hot, home-made chai from her e-cargo bike.

After touring Aber with a mug of chai in hand, we had the pleasure of sharing Sally’s business journey with media. Read more on Wellbeing News and News From Wales.

3. Dydd Miwsig Cymru taken Here, There and Everywhere

With live music venues closing at a rate of one per week, UK Music, the collective voice of the UK’s music industry, has compiled a report – Here, There and Everywhere- highlighting why music tourism is vital to the UK economy. Taking stories from all over the Great Britain and Northern Ireland and including recommendations on how to strengthen and save the industry, our campaign Dydd Miwsig Cymru was selected as an example of live music at its best in Wales. Something to smile about as this important fight for survival continues. You can find the UK Music report on their website here.

4. Encouraging learners to level up with Choose Cymraeg Lefel A

One month, 1,200 learners, 700 miles, 16 speakers and 11 schools later…. the final curtain has fallen on the Choose Cymraeg Lefel A roadshow!

Over the past four weeks we’ve had the pleasure of watching our bilingual assets – from vivid notebooks to informative bookmarks and roll-up banners – pop up within schools up and down the country as our client, Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, encouraged more learners to explore the benefits studying Welsh A Level can have on their futures, both academic and personal.

But the show’s not over yet! We’re already revving up to support Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol on their winter school visits. Keep an eye out for the announcement over on @InstaGymraeg.

5. Bisley goes north

Last week our client Bisley, the Newport-based office furniture designer and manufacturer, opened their first northern showroom, in a former industrial warehouse in Manchester’s design and architectural district. The decision to open a new UK showroom in Manchester was taken due to the rapid growth in demand witnessed in the northern and Scottish markets. The new space has been created with a relaxed, collaborative feel throughout, maximising the aesthetics of the building’s exposed brick and premium finishes. We’ve been telling Welsh, Manchester and trade media about the new location and so far coverage has appeared in Insider and Interiors Monthly.