The Week That Was #401

1. Mirror held up to Hope Solo’s quest to end homelessness

Every year, the Homeless World Cup gives street soccer players from around the globe the chance to represent their country in an annual tournament.  But how can people support the cause throughout the year? The World United 5k virtual run is just that- a new run which can take place wherever in the world you like to raise funds to end homelessness. To promote the race, we’ve been working with World Cup Winner and Olympic Gold Medallist Hope Solo as she became a Homeless World Cup champion. We secured a sit down with the Mirror’s Women’s Football Writer Megan Feringa and Hope to hear about how she’s found so much solace, companionship and inspiration in being part of this global event bidding to put an end to one of the world’s most wide-reaching and devastating human rights issues through the power of the world’s most beloved sport. You can read what Hope had to say here and sign up for the race to do your part to create a world without homelessness here.

2. Slow-living streetwear designer faces fast business success

This week we shared the story of 25-year-old Prestatyn based entrepreneur Alexander Pichushkin who, despite a very successful jump-start to entrepreneurism in 2023, instead encourages his success-driven peers and consumers to embrace a simpler lifestyle through his minimalist streetwear label, Inside the Box. Since launching in June 2023 with the support of our client Big Ideas Wales, Alexander has released two made-to-order collections, turning his business up a gear with the announcement of a third on the way this January. But chequered, sport-inspired prints and structured styles aside, Alexander’s clothing holds a powerful message. Stop chasing success and focus on life’s simpler pleasures: freedom, family and friends. Read more about Alexander’s entrepreneurial success online at Rhyl Journal.

3. Jimmy runs through the Countryside Code

With lots of us getting out and about in the great outdoors to shake off the Christmas excess, it was the perfect time to activate our partnership with the unmistakable @runningpunks founder @nutbushjimmylimits to refresh runners on how to stay Countryside Code compliant. Former GB 800m runner Jimmy set off to enjoy the countryside on Boxing Day, sharing his run with the Running Punks community, encouraging them to get up to scratch on the ins and outs of the Countryside Code. Check out Jimmy’s video @runningpunks and click here to learn more about the Code.

4. The Turner Twins have a Christmas catch up with BBC Devon

After months touring the UK and Europe, Hugo and Ross Turner (and the MG Cyberster) earned their Christmas break. But the twin adventurers aren’t accustomed to resting for too long. So, we arranged for them to join Mel Everett and the BBC Radio Devon team a couple of days after Christmas to share their experiences so far on the road to Shanghai, and the exciting adventures to come on the Middle East leg of their tour. You can listen to the brothers talking with the BBC team on BBC Sounds.

5. Trailing Wales’ national conversation

Two  years in the making, the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales will be releasing its final report, and we’ve been on the journey with them since the beginning. Tasked with developing options to fundamentally reform Wales’ constitution and strengthen its democracy, the Commission has been hard at work trying to reach every community in Wales. Ahead of the report’s launch on January 18, co-chairs Prof Laura McAllister and Dr Rowan Williams secured leading pieces in the Western Mail and the Guardian respectively, discussing their experiences of working on  the Commission and why its vital Wales moves forward. You can keep up with the latest ahead of the report launch by following @Comisiwn.