The Week That Was #404

1. Airwave ads talk winter in Conwy

Snow-capped mountainscapes? Check. Panoramic coastal headlands? Check. A UNESCO World Heritage Site? Check. Cosy log fires to relax next to after a day out winter adventuring? CHECK.  As part of our work to promote the winter tourism offering in the beautiful north Wales county of Conwy, we developed a new radio advert to promote everything the county has to offer visitors during the winter months.  Our ad is currently playing out over the airwaves with the likes of Smooth Radio North West, Capital Liverpool and Greatest Hits Radio, as well as in-podcast ads via Spotify.

2. Big Ideas Wales brings in the dough with Bowla Bread

Sourdough. Seeded. Sliced. In the shape of a bowler hat.  Yes, that’s right. This week we’ve been working on the remarkable story of 24-year-old Hannah Worth’s unique bowler-hat shaped bread start-up. With the help of Big Ideas Wales, Hannah’s entrepreneurial dream has become a reality, making a buzz around Swansea. Hannah’s seen a 30% increase in sales since its initial launch by registering on food delivery apps and she hopes to eventually to bring Bowla to a global audience and have unique merchandise available for purchase online. You can read more about her business success on News From Wales, Insider Media, Business News Wales, and Wales 247.

3. The future is podcast!

Podcasts are having their moment – from news and politics through to comedy and true crime (we’ve all got our favourites in the office!). Today we attended PodCon Cymru 2024 to get the scoop on all things audio. We heard speakers from ITV News, BBC Sounds, Daily Mail, winners of the British Podcast Awards and more in a jam-packed day full of inspiring and thoughtful sessions. Safe to say we left brimming with ideas! If you’re looking for a new listen, why not give two of our series a go this weekend? First off, The Story of Miwisg is a six part documentary on the history of Welsh language pop music, hosted by Huw Stephens and Sian Eleri (here on BBC Sounds). And then our 13 parter – Margins to Mainstream with Michael Sheen- which platforms writers from underrepresented backgrounds revealing truths from the edges of society (here on BBC Sounds). Check out our Twitter thread and Instagram stories to see more behind the scenes from today’s conference.

4. The Beautiful Game

The Homeless World Cup is a football tournament like no other that uses the power of sport to change lives. We’ve played a role in running comms at the last two tournaments, first in Cardiff in 2019 and most recently last summer in Sacramento. Now, the tournament is the inspiration for a Netflix film starring Oscar nominee Bill Nighy and Micheal Ward called ‘The Beautiful Game’ which is launching globally on Netflix on 29th March 2024. Click here to find out more.


5. Wales’ National Conversation

A national conversation was started in 2021 about how Wales should be governed, run by our client, the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales. Last week, as you may have seen and heard, the final report was published, setting out ways to strengthen the democratic future of our nation. 

To promote the report, we created a video highlighting all the activities that have gone into speaking to people in every corner of Wales. Watch the video below, and you can read the full report here.